An Evening of Hope - It's a Wonderful Life

A Life Transformed: Stories of Hope

Pathways to a Forever Home

When Cynthia, a single mother of one with twins on the way, moved into the affordable housing community of Villaggio on Route 66, she knew that her new two-bedroom apartment would not be her family’s forever home.

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Building Bright Futures: The Possibilities are Endless!

Joey, a sixth-grader from Villaggio on Route 66 in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., has big dreams for his future. Through Hope through Housing’s Building Bright Futures initiative, Joey attends the after-school program where he lives and receives encouragement, mentoring...

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Finding Independence

Zack Collie lost his independence at age 15, the victim of a diving accident that left him paralyzed and reliant on others to perform such simple tasks as brushing his teeth. Now 22 and in college, with a career he is building toward, he is getting some of that...

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Overcoming Adversity

Valerie Aguilar is an honor student, a member of her high school scholarship club, Bible club and marine biology club, and will attend the University of California-Santa Barbara next fall in her quest to become an environmental engineer.

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A Mother’s Love

When Sarah Jones lost her job and any chance at child support in one of the most expensive housing markets in the United States, the mother of four had a difficult decision to make: remove her kids from the community and schools they’d grown up in, or spend hours a day in traffic commuting back and forth.

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